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Intelligent solutions for a wide variety of technologies and industries

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Waste Information Management System (WIMS)


The Waste Information Management System (WIMS) is a full enterprise solution developed and distributed by GISCON Middle East W.L.L. to help authorities and large organizations to collect, store, analyze, and display their waste management data. The system is flexible and contains a wide range of modules and applications to manage and monitor the waste from its inception until its disposal.

WIMS is a fully integrated solution with flexible, customizable features and workflows to fulfill the different needs of organizations and authorities. It offers the functions and tools to perform and manage various typical waste management activities within one system with a secured single sign-on authentication access to all applications.

WIMS Overview



WIMS is shipped with more than 20 modules to handle the different activities related to the management of waste, which can be customized and tailored to fulfill the needs of different organizations:

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Waste Transport Management

Application with web and mobile interface to track and control the waste shipments from the point of generation, through the transportation companies to the receiving facilities. The application generates an electronic manifest for waste shipments and makes it accessible for all parties involved in the waste disposal process.


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Waste Fleet Tracking

Allows organizations to track and monitor the trucks transporting the waste; the application includes multiple analysis features to trace the routes of trucks and understand the drivers' behavior on the road.


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Waste Treatment and Recycling

Allows the organization to monitor the process of waste recycling and treatment. The application allows companies working in waste treatment and recycling to fulfill their commitments and report detailed information about the waste recycling/treatment stream and the treatment units' status through a web-friendly simple user interface.


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Waste Export and Import Permits Management

Automates the process of issuing the permits of waste import and export through customizable workflows that allow involvement of the different stakeholders of the export/import process such as exporter/importer, environment authorities, and customs authorities.


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Compliance Inspections

Automates field inspections and compliance, through customizable forms allowing users to perform onsite inspection easily with access to historical information of the inspected facility, and access to all generated inspection reports and dashboards through a tablet or mobile device.


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Waste Management Dashboards

Integrated dashboards designed to provide information about waste management for different user levels. It includes executive dashboards displaying high-level information about waste management to help decision-makers make informed decisions based on actual real-time data. It also includes various detailed dashboards and analytical tools that can help the users in monitoring the status of different activities related to waste management.



🔑 Key benefits:

✅ Multilingual interface supports English and Arabic languages

✅ Full implementation of the European Waste Code (EWC).

✅ Tools and functions to help the Organization to fulfill their international obligations such as the Basel convention

✅ Built-in tools and APIs for data exchange with external systems

✅ Flexible hosting on-premises on physical servers or on a cloud environment

✅ Friendly web and mobile interfaces

✅ Low operations and maintenance cost with flexible support plans


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