Full service concepts of highly specialized compentence centres  

Worldwide connected GIS competence

Full service concepts of highly specialized compentence centres

Worldwide connected GIS competence

Our Full-Service Concept


GISCON offers all services related to the introduction, utilization and application of geographic information systems, furthermore we provide leading ERP/FIS software products in the forestry and green area sector.
The range of services and activities offered by GISCON covers the entire process of GIS implementation life cycle ranging from consulting services and training to applications development and turn-key projects. You will receive all necessary components for the success of your GIS project from one source. Looking back at more than 20 years of experience with our renowned ERP/FIS products in the forestry and green area sector we can offer you a full-service concept, ranging from implementation over wide-ranging and support to tailor-made concepts for your firm.

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Linking experts' knowledge

Projects are conducted through a network of competence teams according to the customer requirements. In a highly diverging GIS market with a confusing range of services and high investment risks, these "panels of experts" are considered as pilots for your IT project. In search of productive, low cost and future-oriented solutions, each competence team contributes to the developer pool by adding individual knowledge and experience, e.g. analysis, Web GIS, ERP/FIS, or custom programming. We systematically use the synergy of our highly specialised experts to exactly fit your requirements.

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International projects

Our successful projects in both Western and Eastern Europe, in the Middle East, Paraguay and China have provided GISCON with the valuable experience to offer high quality services outside Germany. We can rely on an international network of qualified partners and service providers to support us if needed. As strategic partners, our GIS, IT and forestry specialists provide your company with comprehensive know-how in a reliable and experienced way. To achieve this, we work in close cooperation with the management on site and involve the local personnel on a broad basis. Thus, we ensure that all participants have access to the entire emerging project knowledge. Applications and
production processes are therefore implemented under our direct supervision. We do not consider our goal to be reached before users can independently operate the entire system. Beyond that we provide you with a wide ranging and responsive support strategy to help and solve any problems if needed. 

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