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proMDE - the new mobility for timber gathering



In many forest forest businesses, timber gathering processes are still done on paper and later copied by hand to the pc in the forestry office. This work takes a lot of time and contains a possibility of mistakes.

Our solution: proMDE

  • proMDE combines data gathering and saves the data in a structured way.
  • Ergonomic user guidance by specially adapted tabs
  • Fast and error minimised data input with automated plausibility checks and quick recording modes
  • Localization via GPS Coordinates
  • All practical relevant surveying techniques: Single log and Sample gathering
  • Seamless integration in the entire forestal process
  • Data transfer to all common forestry information systems (for example proforst and proFBG)
  • Execution of timber sales is possible completely in the field

why giscon

Independent consultants

GISCON consultants and experts observe and encourage the use of the Open Geospatial Consourtium (OGC) open standards for geospatial content and services, sensor web and Internet of Things, GIS data processing and data sharing.

Proven experience in various industries

GISCON team always includes subject matter experts (SMEs) in the relevant domain of work in addition to the GIS experts. Therefore, we speak the same industry language and fully understand the needs and requirements.

International network of partners and freelancers

GISCON has developed an international network of excellent partners from public institutions, universities, NGOs, freelancer experts and the private sector. Project teams are always composed of the most suitable experts for the problem at hand, regardless if they are GISCON employees or come from one of our partners.

Flexible and diverse supporting models

GISCON offers various levels of engagement with the clients for support with expertise and consultancy services. Depending on the clients' needs, requirements, in-house capabilities and available budget, GISCON has the flexibility to engage, support and be part of the team.

All-around IT Solutions

GISCON provides end-to-end information and communication technology (ICT) solutions and services from one hand. This is extremely important especially in large projects, where GIS is linked to document management systems (DMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), content management systems (CRM), internet of things (IoT), big data and other relevant systems and technologies.

Continuous research, development and innovations

GISCON believes that the continuous research and development is what enables us to support our clients with efficient and reliable solutions and to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market. Systems, solutions and innovations are tested and applied at our working environment before we implement or even recommend them to our clients.

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